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Fertilizer Program

Operation Think Green takes the guess work out of having a lush, green and weed free lawn.
We use a highly advanced natural product (Holganix) to provide nourishment to your lawn. Holganix is a natural soil stimulant that uses natural enzymes and microorganisms to turn a small amount of fertilizer into a phenomenally effective lawn treatment. Holganix is plant-based, food grade, and 100% safe and organic. Homeowners can take delight in having a lush, green lawn, while continuing to contribute to a greener, cleaner, and healthier world without compromising results.

Think Green has a simple, cost effective, results driven, balanced approach to your lawn and budget.

We do 4 applications throughout the entire year, each application comes with 3 services. Our Organic Brew Fertilizer, Spot-spray weed control (we dont blanket your property with weed control, we only put it down where you need it) and one additional service depending on what the tech thinks you need.

Application 1

Bio-Nutritional MRE
Crabgrass Suppression Fire
Insect Suppression Fire

Application 2

Bio-Nutritional MRE
Micro-Spot Weed Suppression

Application 3

Heat Stress Recovery Operation
Micro-Spot Weed Suppression
Natural Disease Suppression

Application 4

Bio-Nutritional Fall Fertilizer
Natural pH Adjustment

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