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Fertilizer Program

Operation Think Green takes the guess work out of having a lush, green and weed free lawn.
We use a highly advanced natural product (Holganix) to provide nourishment to your lawn. Holganix is a natural soil stimulant that uses natural enzymes and microorganisms to turn a small amount of fertilizer into a phenomenally effective lawn treatment. Holganix is plant-based, food grade, and 100% safe and organic. Homeowners can take delight in having a lush, green lawn, while continuing to contribute to a greener, cleaner, and healthier world without compromising results.

Think Green has a simple, cost effective, results driven, balanced approach to your lawn and budget

Four Applications include seasonally adjusted:


Holganix Bio-Stimulant

Crab Grass Control

Broad Leaf Weed Control

Insect Control

Grub Control

Disease Control

pH Leveling