FAQ – I always had weeds along my driveway and sidewalk with my old lawn-care provider.

When new customers are contacting us something we often hear (in regards to their former service) is “I always had weeds and crabgrass along my driveway, sidewalk, or flower beds.”

Many of our new customers also stated that no matter how many times they called their provider this issue was rarely remedied. The following are the reasons for this and why you won’t see this issue with OTG:

  • Sloppy Application: it takes time to trim beds and edges with weed control, pre-emergent, etc. When these products are applied it’s incumbent upon the technician to ensure that every square inch of your lawn is treated. Companies that pay their technician based on production incentivize rush jobs and short cuts. Weeds along the edges can be the first sign this is what you’re getting from your lawn care company.
  • Weeds and Crabgrass prefer the heat of driveways and sidewalks. This is why edges require special attention. If the application is granular for example we’ll apply additional product on sidewalks and driveways and then use a blower to push the excess product back to the edges where crabgrass and weeds congregate.
  • Soil compaction tends to be higher in these areas due to foot and vehicle traffic. The hardier weed is more inclined to grow in these conditions.

Whatever the reason, the technicians at Operation Think Green will give your lawn the time and attention it deserves. In the event you did see crabgrass or weeds ANYWHERE in your lawn after we’ve applied, we provide free service calls and a technician will be on your lawn within 2 business days of your call.


With the last few days being unseasonably warm, if you wanted to spot seed a few areas of your lawn, now would be a good time. While the best time to seed is in the Fall, this warm weather will give the seed a window to germinate before pre-emergent is applied for crab grass.

If you intend to spot seed your lawn try doing the following:

As seed requires 100% soil contact in order to germinate, try using a rough rake to scratch the soil. Apply the seed by hand evenly. Don’t worry about more snow coming later. This creates a green house effect and provides moisture to the soil upon melting. As always, if you’d like to support our area veterans and have the best lawn on the block, you can always give us a call!


Many Thanks For A Great First Season!

What an amazing first year! Thank you for trusting us with your lawn care needs! In our first year we accomplished our mission of employing veterans in their transition to civilian life by hiring 15 vets. Our team worked diligently through one of the most difficult weather seasons ever recorded to provide the best service possible.  Mother nature proved to be a formidable match, delivering us the total average annual rainfall in just 4 months.
As has, and will always be the case, our employees and our customers are our top priority. That’s why we decided to adjust our annual program to better service your lawn by adding an extra visit without increasing your cost. You will notice that the price per application has been reduced while your services have increased to ensure that you will receive greater service with no price increase. This extra application allows us to frequent your lawn more often, giving us the opportunity to assess and address any possible issues.
We look forward to seeing you in the Spring: mean, green, in 2019!