Operation Think Green exists to provide superior fertilization and weed control for your lawn. Operation Think Green employs those veterans who bring military precision and skill to their craft, and are assimilating to civilian life.

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The OTG Story

Three years ago Counselor Ryan J. McGinnis began working with homeless veterans in Lancaster, PA. He quickly learned that veterans often had trouble finding post-service employment because finding employers who understood their unique situation was a challenge. After attempting to partner with various companies, Ryan realized that starting his own company and providing work conducive to the style of these highly skilled, highly motivated vets is what was needed to be the redeemers of their own life situations.  

Bill Landis, Ryan’s friend and former boss at a successful lawn care company in West Chester, PA, was a perfect business partner for Operation Think Green. Bill’s lawn care company was rapidly growing and dominating the market in Chester County. Now nearly two decades later, Bill provides lawn care in three neighboring counties.

Operation Think Green gives meaningful employment for veterans while providing superior lawn care service to the Lancaster area.

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PO Box 1165
Lancaster, PA 17608